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Printing Press Cylinder Repair:

You need
Dalcan when:

Bolts, screws, wrenches and allen wrenches pass through cylinders causing direct damage.
Paper or board jams create low areas on plate, blanket or impression cylinders.
Knife scratches in flexo drums interfere with print quality.
Dings or marks caused by foreign objects falling into cylinders cause damage. 


Can do these repairs in your plant and right on the press without disassembly.

Silver Electroplating for Electrical Conductivity:

Dalcan has silver brush plated copper bus bars up to 14 feet x 6 inches on multiple contact surfaces for the Defense Department, steel anodes and pickel lines in steel mills and aluminum wedge connections for turbine outer bundles at coal fired hydro generating plants.

Dalcans process is completely portable and this plating can be done any where inside your facility.

Dalcan also sells and trains customers in the use of this equipment and one of our customers has been plating their own bus bars in their turbine and motor production for over 25 years.

Dalcans technicians are trained to brush plate MIL STD 865D US Navy /Air Force & MIL STD 2197 (SH).

Dalcan brush plating materials and process conforms to AMS SPEC 2451C